get back to YOU – get back to CREATING

This is a book to help you take back your fun, confidence, and self-respect. It’s been written to help you love life. I made it for you so that you can inject creativity back into your life because I know you miss it when it isn’t there.

You’ll be able to create without being limited by your idea of perfection, other people’s opinions, or lack of time and energy. Taking the time to create actually gives you more energy for the other areas of your life, improves your mood and makes life more enjoyable.

I don’t want you to feel like everything is a chore, and that you don’t have time to be you. You’re great the way you are. Stop changing for others, and do what you love.


You have everything you need to do this!


I finished writing it in June 2014 and has since been waiting for an editor to do some magic on it (check grammar and spelling). I’m not the patient kind, but the editor had some personal things happen, that made it take much longer. But it’s finished now, so you can find the book on Amazon, using this button

What people are saying

get back to YOU – get back to CREATING
Like most women, my life is busy and I can quickly find excuses not to be creative. ‘Get back to you, get back to creating’ is a short read that’s packed with sound advice and tips on how to get creative. I appreciated Linda’s no-nonsense approach to bringing more creativity into my life but also how to get life in gear (so you can find time and motivation to create).
Lyn Thurman

Writer, Priestess of the Pen, Storyteller of Spirit, Inner Goddess Unleasher

If you get this book, read and nod and move on, not much will change. If you, however, get this book, read and implement what the author suggests, you may just find the carefree, happy creative person you really are. There are tons of suggestions for digging out the creative self you’ve buried or “don’t have time for” and all the suggestions are firmly rooted in the real, busy world we live in today.
To round it off, there are many further resources listed for you to explore.
I can’t recommend this book enough!
Sibylle Leon

Life and Business Coach, Wild Spirits Coaching

It was a joy to read and very well laid out information. Step by step processes that help you transform your life and get you back on your authentic path to being creative! Simple but profound explanations help you see past your excuses and just get on with creating what is already deep inside of you. Well done! Bravo – a great read!
Lisa Petr

The Zen of Why Happiness and Hope Life Coaching

Thank you so much Linda Ursin for the sticky notes – great to get a ‘surprise parcel’! Thank you also for writing ‘Get Back to You, Get Back to Creating’ – what an inspiration and a great reminder not to neglect one’s own creativity – I will be re-reading frequently! (and applying!)
Beverly Lucas-Brown

My favorite thing about this book? The fact that I wanted to put it down;

That’s right. Put it down. Stop reading. Why?

Because I wanted to implement her suggestions immediately. The energetic changes she suggests are just the ticket to get your creative juices back online.


Wonderful book ty for making it.
Sherry Crandell Dennis

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