I hope the holidays were good. Now, most people are back in the groove after New Year’s but not me. So I’ve set a goal for myself to get back into making art. It’s a little bit different than the last time I did something similar though.

Now, this is not a New Year’s resolution, I don’t do those. It’s a plan 🙂 or a goal if you will

Last time, I said I had to finish a piece of art each day. That took a lot of work and wasn’t sustainable. So I’ve adjusted it a bit for this year.

To get back into making art, I will:

Work on a minimum of 1 piece of art each day

I’m not saying I have to do a ton of work each day. I know that isn’t possible. It can be making a whole painting or drawing, or it can be editing a scanned image, putting gesso on a board, doing the initial sketch, finding references etc.

What are your goals?

Life doesn’t have to stand still because of Covid, even though we have no choice but to adapt if we want it to go away.

What are your goals for the year?


  1. Andrew Smith

    When you love something no matter how busy your schedule is you always find some time for it, loved your blog.

    • Linda Ursin

      Thanks 🙂 Time can (usually) be found, yes. Mental and physical energy when you’re living with chronic issues, is a bit harder 🙂


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