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It’s about what’s


not what’s trendy!

and not about what others expect either

As a creative and mystic



make you feel stupid if you don’t know the technical bits

A little about me

What do I know about the technical stuff?

I’ve been working with websites since I wrote my very first website in Notepad in 2003. Both for myself, friends and clients.

I also have an education in computer system maintenance and repair and I worked in IT for 10 years before I had to go on disability. I didn’t only work with servers, I also worked with people. So I know how to explain something without making you feel like a fool for not being able to do it yourself.

How can a techie get how creatives think?

I am an artist as well as an avid crafter and I’ve been publishing my creations for many years. I create in just about any way you can think of. If I haven’t tried it yet, I probably will.

So, how about the mystic world?

Well, I’m a heathen and I’ve practised openly as a witch since 1994. Working with herbs and runes to make amulets and other magical aids, and doing divination using runes, Tarot and playing cards. Plus running a huge Pagan website and writing books about these things. That’s why I can say that I get the mystics 🙂

FREE website responsiveness audit

Your customers and clients are using mobile devices to find you and view your content.

Let me take a look at your site to check if it works well on mobile devices.

After signing up, you will receive a personal responsiveness audit for your website via email and then weekly tips for your website and yourself. There will also be an occasional offer.

“The website turned out really pretty and exactly how I wanted it to be. I was very satisfied with the result.”

Inger Marie Hannevold, Psychic & Tarot Reader

Examples of my work

I need to talk to you to do the best job possible

Book a meeting over Skype so we can

discuss what you want me to create.

My Rates

The base rate for a website is $1200. What the price will be for your projects will depend on what you need.

So I need to talk to you before I can give you a quote.

“She’s skilled, fast, and highly focused on solutions. She understood what I wanted and delivered a satisfactory product. She also contributed with valuable suggestions, which I really appreciated.”

Monica Agnetha Haugen, Medium

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