I decided to the #WorldWatercolorMonth to get back into it after a fairly long drought (due to low energy, corona etc) and to get some ideas down on paper. Just a first layer to get them started. They will all be fully finished at a later date. And, of course, I had to put a rainbow(-ish) one in there since July was pride month 🙂

My husband’s vacation forced a break in the middle of the process but I did get all 31 done in the end, although the last ones were (technically) a bit late.

watercolor ecperiments 2
watercolor ecperiments 3

The darker ones where there are 8 on one sheet were inspired by Angela Fehr’s idea of using pallet dirt and random marks to start a painting and were finished on August 2. Angela Fehr knows a ton about watercolour and shares it on YouTube, in case you were wondering who she is.

In addition to this, I did some repairs and refashions. For example, taking my palazzo pants up by an inch after tripping on them on gravel. Probably should have taken them up earlier 🙂

scraped knee

I also made a couple of new things, like the patch below, which will be put on my daughter’s backpack. She started 8th grade (new school) this week.

patch with runes

I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with this blog. As you may have noticed, there have been some guest posts lately. This is because of the hole I was in. I want to start posting regularly again but there is something I feel I need to honour a lot more than I have lately: The fact that I am multi-passionate. So I will diversify the topics a bit.

If there’s anything touching the subjects listed on this blog that you’d like to see more of, leave a comment and let me know

Have a great weekend


  1. Sibylle

    Glad to see you back and getting a glimpse of what you’ve been working on ❤️


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