I love that you want to be a guest blogger on the Art Witch Blog, These are the guest blogger guidelines I’ve put together for my guests
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Guest posting is awesome for you because

  • you get more exposure for your blog
  • you get more traffic to your site
  • you build your authority and reputation
  • you build relationships
  • and you get a link to your site

And it’s awesome for me because

  • I get to interact with and get to know some really cool people and build relationships
  • I get to add great content for my readers
  • I can share a variety of perspectives and stimulate discussion
  • I don’t have to write all the content on my blog
  • and it’s possible for me to get more traffic to my site, too

It’s a fantastic win-win thing!

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For things to run smoothly, please follow these guest blogger guidelines:

1. I accept posts on all topics listed in the submenu of the blog. I reserve the right to accept your post or to turn down your post based on the topic and the quality. I also will determine when your post best fits on my site based on the topic and what my theme is at the time.

2. Please include a picture of yourself and a bio with a link to your site. I may re-size your image to fit the post format.

3. It’s optional to include an image for the post. If you do include a post image, please make sure it’s available for commercial use and that you include the source for me to link to it. Otherwise, I will provide an image for the post. I’m very picky about properly citing images and using images that are not copyrighted.

4. A length of 500-750 words is preferable. Shorter posts will be accepted if the quality is good.

5. I like proper use of white space and/or bulleted or numbered lists if that fits with what you’re writing. It’s easier for my readers to read . . . so short sentences and paragraphs, please.

6. I may edit your post for easy readability and/or grammar/punctuation/spelling if necessary.

7. Please provide original content that hasn’t been published elsewhere and please do not republish the post in other places.

8. I prefer for a good keyword to be used in the title and naturally throughout the post (a few times) for SEO purposes. Please let me know what your main keyword is. I’ll add that keyword to the metadata for the post as well.

9. Please do not include any affiliate links. You may link to your own site once in your post.

10. Please provide me with your email address. I will contact you when I publish your post.

11. I do expect you to visit from time to time to reply to any comments you get on your post. Also, I’d love it if you share the post because it’s a win-win situation. However, it’s not required if you choose not to. Thanks again for wanting to be a guest blogger.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

PS. These guest blogger guidelines aren’t set in stone but contact me before breaking any of them

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