This colouring book is based on my strange birds series of watercolour paintings made available for you to colour because I want to see what you do with them.

I started this series of paintings because I wanted to do a series of birds in watercolour and I wanted it to be playful, different and a creative challenge both for me and the viewer. So I decided to call the series Strange Birds since they were meant to be just that, strange. I made a list of 15 European birds that I would do for the series and got to it. They were painted in loose watercolour and fine-liner and I made them strange by changing the colour and adding some patterns. The series was completed at the beginning of 2017.

Coloring Strange Birds

Now it’s your turn to do your thing with these birds!

Get your colouring book today

It will only cost you $9, despite the many hours I spent on it, because I really want you to take that step into creative expression.

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