If your budget doesn’t allow for original artwork, or if you prefer something in a different size, my artworks and photographs are available as art prints as well as designs on greeting cards, items, and clothing.

I believe that the artwork makes the clothing and other items unique and beautiful, but you should really take a look and judge for yourself.

Because I want you to get a good quality product, my main place is Redbubble.

Their paper prints are done on 240 gsm natural white archival paper with archival inks and will stand the test of time. The same goes for their canvas prints which are individually stretched and constructed, also printed with archival inks, and given a layer of clear lacquer for UV protection.

They’re also good because they have a wide range of print sizes, and a large selection of items to print on (as you may know, I do like variety 🙂 ).

Prints & Designs

Raven Wing Pencil Skirt Ananse Ntontan Scarf Floral Challenge notebookTiger roar pillow cover Knot of eternity duvet cover


I also have some other designs available there, such as a bookworm meme and a poster made up of all of the symbol paintings.



You can also find some of my artwork here:

Teepublic: http://teepublic.com/lindaursin (printed items)
Society 6: http://society6.com/lindaursin (framed and unframed art prints)
ArtPal: http://www.artpal.com/lindaursin (prints and printed items)

CafePress: http://www.cafepress.com/lindaursin (prints and printed items)
deviantART: http://svehex.deviantart.com (art prints)
Saatchi: https://www.saatchiart.com/lindaursin

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