Commissioned Artwork

In addition to my regular art, I also create commissioned artwork; paintings and drawings as specified by you. This could be paintings in acrylics, watercolour gouache, or drawings in coloured pencil or pencil, or combinations thereof. These can also be made into Amulet Art pieces. If you wish to see what I’ve done before, you can find all my available paintings and drawings in the menu above.

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How do you order commissioned artwork?

  • You have a look around and develop a good idea of what you’re after as far as motif, colours, medium, and size. If it’s meant to be a piece of Amulet Art, you have to decide on the purpose of it.
  • If possible I would love to meet you but it is not necessary. We can do a meeting over the Internet or phone instead.
    • We discuss any particular themes you have for your commission, as well as size, medium and budget.
    • We create a timeline that suits us both for work completion and payments.
    • We diskuss payment terms.
  • We exchange a contract agreeing on the above. (A sample contract is at the bottom of this page.)
  • I create an initial sketch and send this to you via email.
  • You approve the sketch or suggest changes.
  • When the sketch is approved, I create the artwork.
  • I contact you via email when the artwork is finished, including a photo of the work. Included in this email will be the final size and weight, the calculated cost of shipping, and the total amount owed.
  • You pay via VISA, MasterCard, PayPal or bank transfer.
  • I ship the work to you.

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Commissioned Art

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Sample contract for Commissioned Artwork

The individual contract for each commissioned artwork will vary according to the terms we agree upon. Click the images for a larger version.

Sample Art Commission Contract Page 1
Sample Art Commission Contract Page 2

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