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I’m an Art Witch ~ a mythical artist, photographer, designer based in the Norwegian mountains.

The witch part is both about my spirituality and because I do artwork that is connected to magic, myth, an folklore (for example amulet art, mythological landscapes and creatures, and creatures from folklore). There’s often a touch of playfulness, colour, and a dose of humour in the mix as well.

I let my intuition guide my choices of subject matter and materials. My imagery is often inspired by mythology, folklore, and the Scandinavian landscape. I paint in acrylics, watercolour and gouache and draw in pencil and coloured pencil.

My work often symbolises my collectors’ deeper levels. Their spirituality, ideal location, spirit animals. It can also represent a symbol you connect with.

Linda Ursin, The Strange Bird - Intuitive Artist, Creatrix, and advocate for self-expression

Taking this photo was painful. Read the whole story by clicking here.

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Born and raised in Sweden, I now live in a small village in the middle of the Norwegian mountains with my daughter, husband, dog, and cat. Here’s me with my daughter. I do my best to raise her well, as any mother would. 

</span style “font-size:14pt;”>I started drawing as a child and curiosity and creative expression have always been driving forces for me. I taught myself to paint and draw mainly through experimentation and exploration.

In addition to making art, I also enjoy a number of different crafts. As a multi-passionate, I love trying new things and if I haven’t tried a specific craft or art medium yet, I probably will sooner or late 🙂

The photo was taken in Trondheim by my sister-in-law (Lilith’s aunt)

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What you might not know about me…

Here are few personal things you might not know about me:

  • I speak 3 languages fluently
  • An avid reader of crime, thriller, horror and fantasy novels
  • Metal music love
  • Hypermobile (maybe Ehler’s-Danlo’s, everything else has been checked and the doc’s not sure)
  • Outspoken and opinionated as well as talkative
  • Viking re-enactment events are fun. I even make shoes!

Me at a Viking Age re-enactment event with special effects makeup to look like I’d been in a cat fight

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Let’s connect!

The best way for us to really get to know each other is to have a quick, virtual, cup of tea (totally pitch free). If you’re up for it, pick your time below and let’s chat.

Once you click the Virtual Cup of Tea below, you’ll get to pick a time on my calendar and add your details. The system will send you a reminder before our appointment, in case you need one.

I look forward to getting to know you.

Linda, in hardwriting
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