There are many different names for the winter holiday and many different dates used by different groups. I choose to call it Jul and celebrate on the Solstice.

Whatever you call it, have a good one (despite Covid) but make sure you and yours are safe and well.

If you follow me on social media, you may have heard that I moved out on November 13. Yes, I moved out on Friday the 13th 😀 I’ve never had a problem with that day. It should have been done many years ago but late is better than never.

It went more smoothly than expected. I now live in a 3-room apartment on 2 floors in the municipality centre. It would probably be classed as a small village too if it was in the US. There are about 2270 people living in this town.

It took a while but thanks to a friend with a trailer and people giving away stuff on our version of Craig’s List (, I now have almost all the furniture I need. I have two bookshelves arriving in the mail soon and I hope to get more lights and a tall dresser or cupboard for the bathroom sooner or later.

I’ll keep sharing pictures from the apartment and the view from here in the album on my Facebook profile (only visible to friends). Some of them might show up on the blog as well, once I get this place a bit more finished. I still have a lot of unpacking to do.

I unpacked all the finished art today. So should you want any of my originals, either as a gift or for yourself, reach out to me and we’ll talk about it.

(If you want to have a look at the new apartment, check my YouTube)

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