Welcome! If you’re into landscapes, animals, birds, folklore and mythology,
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magic and myth within your external space…while connecting to your own
authentic internal personal expression.

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I am SO taken with my portrait! I'm not the kind of gal who hangs a lot of paintings around the house, I'm also not one to have a lot of pictures of ME around the house, but Linda's portrait has me reconsidering that decision. She made it easy to work with her - I just sent her my favorite photo of myself and she did all the rest. It was fun to watch the artwork unfold in the online gallery, too. When Linda revealed the meaning of my spirit animal, it became a great reminder every time I saw one in the world.

Plus, it arrived really fast in great shape. Coming from overseas, I was worried it would get ruined in transit, but I didn't need to worry - Linda took care of everything. Now, I want her to do paintings of my
mom, who died years ago, and my kids, who are growing up so fast. That way, when I see their spirit animals in the world, I'll remember them.

The hardest part is deciding who's next!

Lisa Robbin Young

About Linda

I am a mythical artist, photographer, intuitive & designer based in the Norwegian mountains. Born and raised in Sweden, I now live in a small village in the middle of the Norwegian mountains with my daughter, husband, food-obsessed dog, and black cat.

I started drawing as a child and curiosity and creative expression have always been driving forces for me. I’m forever learning and I’ve taught myself to paint and draw through experimentation and exploration.

Intuition guides my choices of subject matter and materials and tThe inspiration for my art often comes from mythology, folklore, and Scandinavian nature.

I paint in acrylics, watercolour and gouache and draw in pencil and coloured pencil.There’s often a touch of playfulness, colour, and a dose of humour in the mix as well.

In addition to painting and drawing, I’m a strong advocate for self-expression as a human need and write about it on my blog and in my book “get back to YOU – get back to CREATING”.

I haven’t had a solo exhibition yet but I have shown my work at the Market Saturday at Støren twice, which is a local art & crafts event. I have also been featured in publications like Trønderbladet as well as online by several blogs.

Extraordinary Achievements:
Once did a series of 100 symbols in watercolour.
Designed and published my own Tarot deck.
Won a national mead brewing competition in 2011
Wrote my first website in Notepad in 2003 (1600 pages x 3 languages)
Practised as a witch sine 1994 with a practice built on old books from Swedish libraries and has been doing intuitive readings and amulets ever since.
Before becoming a mother, I read up to 500 books a year.

I own a piece of Linda's Amulet Art, with runes to aid sleep. I am the lightest sleeper in the world and for a time, I was also plagued with fairly horrible nightmares that made my sleep heavy and unrestful. Enter this gorgeous painting, which has been over my bed ever since and stopped the nightmares immediately. I sleep a lot more soundly now, *and* it is a beautiful piece of art to look at in my bedroom.

Sibylle Leon

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