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On this page, you’ll find my publications (books and articles, all of my guest posts on other people’s blogs, links to where I publish videos, as well as articles, videos, podcasts where I’ve been interviewed or mentioned).
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Can there be too many Goddesses? Soul Path Magazine created by Lyn Thurman
Published August 2, 2013

Stop fitting into the mold, ONEmag ISSUE #7
Published February, 2014

How the Rök Runes got their name

First published on my blog
Then on EzineArticles September 20, 2011

Culinary Herbs

An article on the uses of regular, culinary herbs. Published on Scribd
August 19, 2011.

The perfect maid

A reprint of a blog post on what I would consider the perfect gift. Published in The Messenger
September 2011.

Weeds – A Forgotten Resource

Published in/on:

The Village (in shorter form) 2006
Althelse (in Norwegian) June 12, 2009 (in Norwegian) June 3, 2011
The Witches’ Voice May 10, 2009
EzineArticles August 15, 2011

Need Magical Herbs? Check Your Cabinets First

Published in/on:

The Witches’ Voice March 27,2011
EzineArticles August 19, 2011

Et nåtidens tempel

Article about my site, Freyjas Ve. (Published in Bifrost Tidende #41)

Iron Age Collaborators

Article about The Iron Age Collaborators. (Published in Bifrost Tidende #41)


Article about Yarrow. (Published in Bifrost Tidende #41)


Article about Colt’s Foot. (Published in Bifrost Tidende #42)

Vegetables in Magic

Article on the use of vegetables in magic. Published in The Village May 6, 2009.


Article on the use of grasses in magic. Published in The Village August 23, 2005.


Article on the use of grains in magic. Published in The Village September 11, 2005.

Magical Berries

Articles on the use of berries in magic. Published in The Village November 27, 2005.

Magic flowers you shouldn’t use

Article on the use of poisonous plants in magic. Published in The Village December 15, 2005.

Article Series

Herb of the week

Series of 36 articles on herbs. Published in The Village September 2005 – March 2006.

Magical Trees

Series of eight articles on the use of trees in magic. Published in The Village September 2005 – March 2006.

Svehex urteartikler

Series of herb articles in Norwegian (there are 20 so far). Published on (formerly known as Den Magiske Sirkel residing at

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Guest Posts

Why not do an experiment with your writing, Sept 9, 2016 The Storytelling Creative

My sofas and chairs having an argument, July 10, 2015 Visualize Authenticity (Now Creative Embrace)

Motivation and Confidence through Creating Beauty Sept 30, 2014 My Girly Parts

Creating the peacefulness you need to create Sept 2014 Access You True Nature

Ready, Aim, Fire March 12, 2014 Coaching with Renata

I’ve learned to listen to my intuition, have you? Jan 2014 Story Bistro

Five tips to get you off the self-sacrifice train Nov 7, 2013 Pat’s Write Mind

How to build your business on your own terms Oct 23, 2013 Ready 2 Bloom

Reach for your dream Sept 2013 Visionary Goddess

Space to Create Sept 2013 Crystal Clear Copywriting

Remove your Mask, Be More, Be You Sept 2013 Author’s Prophet (Now Marvellous Messages)

Master procrastinator and Crazy Productive, March 2013 Juggle it all (Now The Visibility Venturer)

Long Hair and Following Your Heart Feb 2, 2013 My Girly Parts

Being Wise (Wonder-) Woman July 7, 2012 The Hags Den

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Interviews & things written or said about me

Artist Admiration #2 – Linda Ursin​, published January 30, 2020

How to be an Artist by Carrie Brummer at Artist Strong, published October 13, 2017

7 real-life happy artists by Tara Leaver published May 8, 2017

Featured on the Ready to Bloom podcast February 15, 2016

Interview for Positive Perspectives published August 10, 2015

Interview for Creative Marketing TV published July 24, 2015

Inner Goddess Interview with Lyn Thurman published April 1, 2015

Artist Spotlight at Artpromotivate published  January 21, 2014

Socially Holistic Podcast with Holly Worton published November 25, 2014

Interview for Byavisa (Norwegian paper) published September 24, 2013

Interview for Staff of Asclepius published November 28, 2011

Interview for ACTION Magazine (page 24), published in the Beltane issue 2011.

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