Creativity is a blessing and a curse. If you feel inspired, there’s no task you cannot complete. But if you run out of creative ideas, your work may as well become painful and mind-boggling. According to the report, nearly 80% of college-educated workers wish they had a greater creative ability.

You’ve probably faced creative drought before and you know how terrible it is to be stuck with no fresh ideas whatsoever. In such circumstances, the only thing you need is an immediate inspiration boost. If you haven’t already figured out the way to instantly stimulate your creative juices, we can give you 10 creativity tips. Let’s check them out!

1. Read creativity quotes

Reading creativity-related quotes is one of our favorite ways to gain inspiration for work. After all, it’s always good to see what some of the most accomplished individuals think about creativity or how they deal with the lack of inspiration.

For instance, a quote that can instantly make you feel better comes from a professor and lecturer Brene Brown: “There is no innovation and creativity without failure. Period.”

2. Practice creativity every day

Creativity quotes may be the fastest way to evoke inspiration and curiosity, but we also encourage you to practice creativity on a daily basis. Just like academic writing demands continuous practising, the same goes for personal creativity.

You can train to become more creative simply by forcing yourself to do things differently every day. You can stop using the same phrases in emails or change the route to work. Even the smallest daily changes will keep your mind active and help you to avoid creative drought much longer.

3. Read an inspirational novel or article

Sometimes the solution is as simple as reading an inspirational novel or article. You should find a few sources of inspiration that work well for you and your field of work. It can be anything from college paper reviews to healthcare magazines, but the only thing that matters is to read high-quality content that sheds new light on your problems.

4. Play brain games

Here’s a creativity stimulator you are going to love! Brain games are a surefire way to increase your cognitive abilities and get your creative juices flowing almost instantly. Most games won’t take you more than a few minutes, but they can do miracles for your mind.

A simple game of Sudoku is enough to get you going, but there are hundreds of other brain games you could try. Some of the popular choices include chess, puzzle games, crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, scrabble, and so on.

5. Take a walk

Way too many people fail to realize that their brains need to take a rest from time to time. Instead of spending your 15-minute break scrolling down the Facebook newsfeed, you should take a walk and help your mind recover in the process. As soon as you come back to the office, you will realize that you feel much more energized, and rest assured creative ideas will pop up soon.

6. Exercise

A short walk represents an instant solution, but you should definitely start exercising regularly if you want to nurture your creativity in the long run. It doesn’t need to be a vigorous training plan. On the contrary, all it takes is to go out and jog for 30 to 45 minutes three times a week. This is more than enough for most people to stay fit and stimulate their creative juices.

7. Organize a quick brainstorming session

Some people find it difficult to overcome creative drought alone. If you are one of these individuals, we recommend you to organize a quick brainstorming session with your friends or colleagues. As outsiders who don’t work closely on your projects, they can often give you valuable suggestions and fresh points of view.

Brainstorming rarely ever lasts for more than 10 or 15 minutes, which means you can acquire a whole bunch of more or less interesting proposals in almost no time at all. The only thing that’s left is to filter through these ideas and pinpoint the one that really suits your plans.

8. Consult with experts

Another thing you can do is to consult with niche experts, particularly if you are struggling with a relatively unknown field of expertise. For instance, you can talk to paper writers at Academized if you need any content creation tips.

9. Don’t repeat the same solutions over again

Doing the same thing all over again is a surefire way to kill creativity. Even if you find a perfect solution to a given problem, you should try to solve it differently some other time. The professionals from HR software say that It’s like writing a new book. Even if a previous novel was a huge success, can you allow yourself to repeat the same structure, characters, and plot twists all over again?

10. Keep working hard

The last tip on our list is to keep working hard and wait for creativity to come back to you. Sometimes it’s the only way to cope with the lack of inspiration, but you should not fall into despair. It happens to everyone, so keep pushing and new ideas will be there sooner or later.

The Bottom Line

Running out of ideas must be a nightmare for you, but you can try all sorts of techniques to quickly boost your creativity. You cannot expect every trick to work well, but it’s enough to find one solution that gives you instant results.

We showed you 10 interesting ways to stimulate your creative juices, so do your best to check them out – one of these tips could turn out to be a genuine creativity driver for you!

Kurt Walker is an essay writer at the research paper writing service. Kurt is not only writing amazing essay papers but he is also blogging about topics such as inspiration, productivity, education, and technologies. He is a passionate traveler and a long-distance runner.

Kurt Walker


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