As you may have heard (and seen), I’ve been working on a Tarot deck with insects and arachnids where I draw all the images by hand. It’s taken a lot longer and been a much larger job than I initially thought but I can now see the finish line.

There are only 11 more tarot cards to go

Plus the writing that goes with it of course. If you’re wondering why I chose bugs, I talked about that in this post. 

The most recent card I finished was Justice (picture on the right). After consulting some of my Tarot-reading friends, I chose the suggestion made by a lady from Australia of the Red Back Spider.

This venomous spider from Australia represents Justice in The Arthropoda Tarot deck for two reasons:

  1. To get bitten by this one, you have to deserve it. You practically have to actually stick your hand into its web.
  2. Spiders also symbolize that choices construct our lives (in addition to other things).

I’ve been uploading some of the drawings to my redbubble account so if you’d like a print of one of them, you can get it there. They’re also available on some other stuff, just in time for Halloween 🙂

You can see all of the finished tarot cards on this website. Just click this link. On that page, you can also pre-order the deck but if you just want to see the images, all you have to do is scroll further down. 

If you like the deck, I’d be very grateful if you shared that page with your friends.

Now I have a question for you: Have you ever had a Tarot reading?

Answer below

PS. The photo at the top is one I took myself on my trip to Sweden this summer. Yes, we do have very long and straight roads in some places 😀



  1. Sibylle

    I’m mortally afraid of spiders but also fascinated by them. I love this card, you’re doing an amazing job with the deck!

  2. Trine Ressem Skei

    Det ble lagt kort for meg i 2006.


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