I’ve rounded up some posts with creative tips for you. These might get you creating again or give you ideas for how to keep it up during the summer.

If there’s anything you feel you need help with after reading these posts, book a cup of tea and we’ll talk.

Use what you’ve got

You really don’t have to buy a lot of stuff to be able to create. Just use what you’ve got, what’s already around you to make your art and crafts…Read the post

How to get new ideas

We can all drop into a slump when it comes to ideas. You find yourself in a place where you think you can’t come up with anything new. Here’s a list of ways to get new ideas, if you’re in that slump right now…Read the post

Place your creative work in a box

One of the things that make it easier for me to be creatively productive is that I have an innate ability to create parameters, to create a box for my work…Read the post

I can’t because…don’t let excuses stop you

Don’t let your excuses stop you from being creative. I’ve seen too many people do that. One of my clients recently came up with a number of reasons why she couldn’t do the installation she wanted to do…Read the post

Fun and evolution through creative experiments

I’m sure you’ve heard that you should push the boundaries of your comfort zone from a lot of people. Creative experiments are the creative twist on that, and you can have a lot of fun doing it too  …Read the post

How to find your creative first aid

Because I keep myself very busy, and other people’s demands on my time, plus my health condition, I sometimes need a quick creativity fix, some creative first aid…Read the post

How to stay creative on vacation

Being on vacation and totally unplugged from the Internet got me thinking about how to stay creative on vacation. I decided to post these suggestions because you might not have arrived at these solutions yet…Read the post

If there’s anything you feel you need help with after reading these posts, book a  virtual cup of tea and we’ll talk.

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    Lovely, simple, and so practical! I need to share this 🙂


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