Entrepreneurs, as well as writers and other creatives, can drop into a slump when it comes to ideas. You find yourself in a place where you think you can’t come up with anything new. Here’s a list of ways to get new ideas, if you’re in that slump right now.

  • daydreaming
  • dreaming
  • being bored
  • being frustrated
  • remembering something
  • a scent
  • a sound
  • overhearing a conversation
  • reading a magazine
  • seeing a picture
  • looking at art
  • asking a kid
  • free-writing
  • hearing music
  • watching a movie
  • asking yourself questions
  • walking
  • traveling
  • falling asleep or just waking up
  • talking to friends
  • reading a book
  • showering
  • shapes in Nature
  • people watching
  • breaking routines
  • meditation
  • shamanic journeying
  • Google it 🙂
  • Go on YouTube

Once you have an idea, write it down or record it in some other way. No matter how silly or bad it sounds at that moment. You might regret it later if you let it escape.


  1. Sibylle

    Typically, ideas sneak up on me when I least expect it. That’s why I like your advice to write them down asap – I always have some pen and paper or my phone (iphone with notes function) near me because nothing is more frustrating than trying to remember that amazing idea you had last night and just, well, not being able to 😉


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