My favourite Tarot deck at the moment is the Vikings Tarot by Manfredi Toraldo & Sergio Tisselli. The imagery of this deck is from Norse mythology. After looking for a good deck for a very long time, I found this one on eBay and bought it. I connect a lot better to this one than my Rider-Waite, so the results are a lot better. I also have a Toth deck, and it’s better for me than the Rider-Waite, but not as good as the Vikings deck. I do have one major objection, though; They made Baldr look like Jesus, with the wounds on the hands and brown hair. He was described differently in the sagas and myths, and never had stigmata.

Temperance from the Vikings Tarot

What’s your favorite Tarot deck, and how did you find it?

What’s good about it? What makes you connect to it?

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