Workshops & Tutorials

I’m doing workshops & tutorials so you can have some time to play, learn something new, and expand your comfort zone. In some of these, we will be stretching your imagination, in others I’ll introduce you to playful techniques for different mediums. Either way, we will have fun and play.
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Available Workshops

Previously aired Workshops are available as standalone classes below. They’ve been edited for time, but all the content is still there.

Workshops & Tutorials
Color Outside the Lines
Create a colourful origami symbol of your desires
Playful Cut & Paste
Playing with Photos
Scribble your way to success
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Why should you play?

First of all, it gives you time away from the hustle. (It doesn’t have to be a hustle, but that’s another subject.)

Playing like this makes your comfort zone grow. It opens up a doorway to your imagination and frees you up because you’re not stuck in that tiny box of what others think it should look like, and what you think is right or possible. It reduces the volume of the voice of your inner perfectionist and makes it easier to get things finished.

Playing is important for adults, as well as kids. It engages your brain in a different way. Playing brings joy and is essential for problem solving, creativity and relationships. Research has shown that if you’re more playful, you keep your brain healthy for longer, and since it’s also fun, you’ll be happier too.

No matter how you play, you win!

This is also an opportunity for you to get some creativity into your day. To play, have some fun, dig in and get your fingers dirty, and maybe learn something along the way.

What do you need to bring?

For all of these workshops, the threshold to participate will be really low. I’m going to keep what you need to bring to a minimum, to make it easier for you to show up and play. What you will need to bring each time is an open mind. You don’t need some amazing talent to do this, just be who you are and be open to trying what I show you.

What’s the price tag?

The live workshops are totally free for those who show up, and there will be a free replay for 48 hours for those who sign up. Once the replay has expired, the workshops are edited and put up here as standalone classes.


The workshops will be live on Zoom or Google Hangout, and if you have something to say, just say it. When you join the actual workshop live, the lines will be open. I don’t mind interruptions as I have a tendency to do that myself. I will only mute you if there’s too much noise in the background, but if that happens, just let me know when you need to say something, and I’ll open the line for you.

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