Scribble your way to Success

A good business runs best with a good plan. But you’ve never done it like this before…By scribbling!

You’ll end up with a creation of your own,

You’ll end up with an idea on how to create a plan you’ll love,

and a couple of lessons delivered by a single sheet of paper.

Anyone can do this, everyone can scribble, it doesn’t require artistic talent and all the materials are already in your home or office.

Scribble your way to Success
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Why should you do this?


Self-expression is one of your basic needs, and creating is a great form of meditation and relaxation if you let go of how it should be. It’s also playful and fun, and we all need to play.

Playing like this makes your comfort zone grow. It opens up a doorway to your imagination and frees you up because you’re not stuck in that tiny perfectionist box. You won’t limit your imagination to what’s considered possible.

Playing is important to us entrepreneurs, and to other adults. It engages your brain in a different way. Playing brings joy and is essential for problem solving, creativity and relationships. Research has shown that if you’re more playful, you keep your brain healthy for longer, and since it’s also fun, you’ll be happier too.

Doing this also gives you time to yourself when your brain is occupied with something else than your business. It’s useful to do something different with your mind and hands to take your mind off your business for a while. If you get a massage or take a walk, you’re going to be thinking about it anyway, especially if you have a problem in your business. This will help your business and success, even though it may seem counter-intuitive to step away from it. Doing something like this is also a great way to get unstuck and to relax.

This is also an opportunity for you to get some creativity into your day. To play, have some fun, and learn something along the way.

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What to bring:


1. A sheet of paper (any kind of plain paper)
2. Different kinds of pens, fine-liners, pencils, crayons (whatever you have works).
3. An open mind


What’s the price tag?


This class is only $17

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