Playful Cut & Paste

Come let’s play!

This workshop, as the others, is all about play. Something adults often forget to do, even though it has many benefits.

You’ll be playing with paper and glue in this one, bringing out the child within and just having fun.

We’re doing this so you can get back to creating for fun, and stop that little voice inside from telling you what’s good enough. To have fun and play.

After you’ve done this, you’ll feel amazing.

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Playful Cut & Paste

Why should you do this?

Creating is a great form of relaxation if you let go of what the result should be. It’s also playful and fun, and we all need to play.

Playing like this makes your comfort zone grow. It opens up a doorway to your imagination and frees you because you’re not stuck in that tiny place of what the result should look like.

Playing is important to adults. It engages your brain in a different way. Playing makes you happy and is essential for problem solving, creativity and relationships. Research has shown that if you’re more playful, you keep your brain healthy for longer, and since it’s also fun, you’ll be happier too.

This is also an opportunity for you to get some creativity into your day. To play, have some fun, dig in and get your fingers dirty, and maybe learn something along the way.


By the time you’re done with this class, you’ll have a  piece of art that a 3-year-old could have done, and you’ll be proud of it.

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An artwork my daughter made pasting pieces of adverts
An artwork my daughter made pasting pieces of kitchen roll paper and painting them

What do you need to bring?

You’ll need to bring a sheet of paper to use as your surface, a bunch of different kinds of paper (Could be magazines, advertising, wrapping paper, paper bags etc.), and something to stick it on with. If you don’t have glue at home, you can use anything else that’s sticky. You don’t need believe that you have talent to do this, just be who you are and be open to trying what I show you.


Feel free to invite your friends to sign up too, by clicking this:

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An artwork my daughter made pasting pieces of adverts

What’s the price tag?

All you ever have to pay is only $17.

An artwork my daughter made pasting pieces of paper in geometrical shapes

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