I’ve recently gotten a lot more clear on how I want to dress; what would be in line with the real me. In my case, that is most definitely a witch, which shouldn’t surprise you. And since I’m not the light, fluffy, spun sugar, lovey-dovey kind, I’m not into the softer styles. I have an attitude, so my clothes will show that. If your true you is a witch as well, what’s witchy to you when it comes to clothing?

For some, it might be flowing fabrics and earthy colours. For others, it might be black on black. Others prefer a more medieval or fantasy style What I feel suits me best is a cross between Gothic and Pagan fashion with long skirts, dark and strong colours and sometimes with a structure-garment like a corset, bustier or a cincher.

I’m far from having my dream wardrobe, I only have one shirt I like and one pair of shoes. There’s still a long way to go… If you want to keep up with what I find online, check out my board on Pinterest. but for now, leave me a comment. I’d love it if you linked to a post or board of your own or a picture.
(As for ‘regular’ people, there are as many styles as there are people; these are just examples.)

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