I have some questions for you. I’m not asking you this to be nosy, although I can be on occasion. (I do prefer to call it curiosity, though, as I have no interest in gossip.) I’m asking you so we can strike up a conversation and get to know one another. Ok, here are the questions. Please give me your answer in a comment below the post.

How you use your intuition?

Do you use it to:

  • decide what kind clothes to wear for a meeting?
  • get a feel for if you should invest or not?
  • decide between business options?
  • choose business partners?
  • decide if a client will be a good match?
  • all of the above?
  • none of the above?

How often do you use your it?

Do you use your intuition:

  • all the time?
  • on a regular basis?
  • only in emergencies, when you can’t help yourself but react?
  • never?

Do you trust your intuition?

Do you:

  • trust it without question?
  • occasionally trust it?
  • not trust it, but go with it anyway?
  • never trust it and override it with logic?

How does your intuition speak to you?

What signs do you look for?

  • A feeling (physical or emotional)
  • Irrational ideas
  • Temperature change
  • Objects showing up
  • Noticing the same subject repetitively on TV
  • Something else

Add your answers below, and connect with the other readers. I look forward to reading your comment. Please share this after you’ve commented, so others can share their answers.


  1. Sibylle

    I use my intuition in conjunction with my common sense. Most of the time, they agree anyway, or at least point in a similar direction. It’s not something I pull out for certain situations and tuck away for others; it’s always there and part of my life and decisions 🙂

  2. Clara @NotreCharme

    I regularly use intuition (most of the times unconsciuously, then I realise later that I used it!) with clients or when I meet someone for the first time (not necessarily for business). I get a strange and sudden feeling, but I must say it often happens in a negative sense, and 90 % is right.

    • Linda Ursin

      Work it a bit more, and you’ll get to 100% 🙂

  3. Sheryl Kurland

    I have been using my intuition a lot lately as I’m making some bold new moves in my career, and there’s a lot of fear (that I’ve fabricated in my mind) that goes with it. My intuition is really a guiding force and so far so good! Great question.

  4. Delia @ Blog Formatting

    Wonderful questions, Linda! I don’t think I use my intuition as much as I could. I’ve been guided myself too much by logical decisions and so I’m working on unlearning these things. I am happy that I’m noticing changes in feelings and emotions when I use it, so there’s definitely hope to listen to it more 😉

    • Linda Ursin

      Thanks Delia 🙂 The more you use it, the more it will work for you

  5. Julie Fry

    Linda, is it possible to use your intuition too much? I have a business/science mind, but many of my major life decisions have been driven by intuition. Always love your posts!

    • Linda Ursin

      I don’t think it’s possible 🙂 Thanks


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