Occasionally recharging your spiritual batteries is crucial to staying on top. It doesn’t matter what spirituality means to you. Whether it’s doing a ritual, meditating, praying, doing Yoga or something completely different. The importance of recharging is just as great regardless.

This weekend I was recharging mine, by being at the Þing, which us the annual meeting and gathering for Bifrost (the Asatru Fellowship of Norway). I have many friends in Bifrost and got to have many interesting and giving conversations with them. There was, of course, a lot of fun as well. This time I got to attend a day-long class ending in a group Seidr led by Einar Selvik. I also got to buy the new Wardruna album, straight from the source. Two friends and I drove 9 hours to get there, and it was definitely worth it.

Since I joined Bifrost, I’ve been to the Þing every year. I wouldn’t miss it for the World. It’s one of the two events every year that are a must for me. The people are amazing, and I always stay up way too late talking. Every time I leave the gathering dead tired but somehow very energized, and with renewed determination to reach my goals. I wish you could be there to have this experience with me.

Have you found your battery charger? What energizes you spiritually? Leave me a comment below to help other readers find theirs.

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