This week’s Friday Finds brings you some lovely groups for creative souls. Groups and communities full of people like you; people who want to create, and who appreciate what others create. People that support you, that cheer you on and help you when you need it. (The links are in the headers.)

Creative Explorers

Yes, I just had to add my own group to the list. This group started with the first Creativity Challenge in October 2013, and although it might not be the most active group on Facebook, it’s a great group of people.

For oss som maler og tegner

The name of the group means “For us who paint and draw”. This is a very active Norwegian group, although I have seen some non-Norwegian speaking people in there too. The group is very helpful and supportive, and there are a couple of amazing talents in there.

Creative Women of Facebook

I haven’t posted as much as I should have in this group, so I’m not as familiar with it as the other two. But it definitely strikes me as a group that belongs on this list. You’ll find all kinds of creative women in it, and they seem to step in and help when they can.

That’s enough Facebook for today, let’s move on to Google+

Every Kind of Artist

Again, one of mine. Sorry for the shameless self-plug 😀 There are only 25 members in this one yet, and I’d really love to see it grow. It’s a good group of people from all over the World. If you want to join, just let me know.

Soul Art

This is the group of the artist I featured in the artist hunt back in April, Candace N’Diaye. The group mainly focuses on intuitive art, and it’s a good group to be in.

There are lots of other groups on social media. If you know of a good one, leave a comment below.


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