Moondance (published with the artist's permission)

Moondance (published with the artist’s permission)

I realize it’s been quite a while since the last competition, but I’ve been ridiculously busy. I decided to do one for April anyway. This time I want you to find a particular artist, a painter. Take a good look at the picture in this post, and try to find the original. I can tell you as much as the painting is called Moon Dance, and it was created by someone I know.

If you think you know the answer, send it in an email, with your mailing address to before the 30th of April 2013. Three winners will be drawn from those who give me the correct answer and will get a little something in the mail. The winners will be announced in the first week of May.

The winners in January were:

Anna Lindberg from Luleå, Sweden
Diane Walline, Hilton NY, USA
Linda Wolffe, Portland OR, USA

The blog post I wanted you to find is on Pixie’s Musings:

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