I’ve met and heard of a lot of Pagans and Heathens, who don’t wear their belief specific jewellery in public, despite being out of the proverbial ‘closet’. I’ve also heard of those who flaunt their beliefs on the bus (or wherever). I can’t say I belong to either of those groups.

I do wear that kind of jewellery quite often. In fact, it’s almost the only jewellery I use. But I don’t use them to flaunt my beliefs. I just use them. As any Christian might wear a cross, just to wear it, I normally wear a Freyja symbol or my Thor’s Hammer. On rare occasions, I choose to wear my Troll Cross. What I wear depends on what I feel I need. Some days I wear no jewellery at all.

Other people might, for example, wear spirals, goddesses, triple moons, pentagrams or pentacles. The piece of jewellery might be a tiny earring or a huge pentagram. Of course, this is up to the individual, but I do prefer those who feel no need to flaunt it, without being afraid to wear it, if and when they feel like it.

Do you wear belief symbols in public? If so which one(s)? Fill out the form below and leave me a comment.

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