To be able to have enough energy to care for ourselves and our loved ones, we nee to stay healthy. In addition to a varied diet, getting enough fluids and exercise, herbs can help us with that to a certain degree. This is, of course, providing that you follow normal routines to stay healthy, like washing your hands.

Garlic is a good way to keep your immune system in good condition and to help keep your blood pressure in check.

Cinnamon improves digestive circulation and gives you a warming sensation as a bonus.

Rosemary is beneficial for the liver, and it can also increase your energy level.

Lavender reduces inflammation, which may help you keep your energy up, feel better and be happier about your appearance.

Thyme is antiseptic, antimicrobial, and can aid in digestion.

Ginger has been shown to reduce cholesterol, inflammation, and help cardiovascular conditions.

If you have any more short tips on how to use herbs to stay healthy, full of energy and happy, leave me a comment below.

If you want to get more info on herbs, go to The Witch’s Library now!

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