As a business owner, I know you have work to do, clients to please, nothing stops. But you need to take the time to breathe. It doesn’t have to be full throttle 24/7.

When you feel this way, don’t push through it, lean into it, slow down and rest when you need it. You probably have at least 5 minutes to have a cup of tea or slow down in another way. If you feel like flipping me the bird right now, you really need that cup of tea 🙂

Here are a few suggestions on how you can slow down when you need it and improve your bad days.

  • Use the time for introspection, getting clarity for where you want to go next
  • Order in for dinner. Every meal doesn’t have to be cooked from scratch.
  • Delegate tasks to your partner, friends, your children (if they’re old enough).
  • Get rid of some tasks. We do a lot of things we don’t need to do, or not do as often or as much.
  • Shorten blog posts and newsletters. They don’t have to be essays and take hours to do. Sometimes a picture or just a short note is enough.
  • Get together with some friends in real life or over Skype and talk. Enjoying time with friends can help on even the worst days.
  • Make what you have to do more fun by turning on your favourite music and being playful about it.

How do you feel about these suggestions? Do you think they would help you?

If you find it difficult to do this or need more ideas on how to improve your bad dayslet’s talk. Have a cup of tea with me.


  1. Monica Ramos

    Love this! When you feel good you allow success to flow in your direction. The creative pathways in the brain open up and you notice things you never did before (opportunities, ideas, easy solutions). It’s quite life transforming. I try not to do anything that doesn’t feel good anymore and I’m much happier, healthier, and wealthier.

  2. Lyn Thurman

    I think this is such an important topic that gets brushed over when you have your own business. I know that when I slow down, life seems to get easier. Thanks for the reminder, Linda.

    • Linda Ursin

      I agree Lyn. It’s like most people don’t want to recognize that there are times when you shouldn’t go full speed ahead. That’s how overwhelm and many other problems happen. Our bodies will force us to rest if we don’t.


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