This week’s Tarot card is the Nine of Wands reversed. The 9 of wands usually shows a guy leaning on one of the wands with 8 other wands behind him. In the Vikings Tarot deck, it shows a baby and his 9 mothers in a grove of trees.

Rider-Waite 9 of Wands Vikings Tarot Nine of Wands

Upright the Nine of Wands indicates courage, determination, resilience, having fought and won, being almost at the finish line. But also realism, commitment, and sometimes caring (including self-care).

So the reversed nine of wands would be something like the opposite version of that. It suggests that you may be hesitating to make a long-term commitment. You may be lacking the courage to go through with something or think you don’t have enough (money, talent, skills, courage) to do it.

You may also fear that the responsibilities will become too much for you. You may be feeling like life is all work and no play, and you may feel overwhelmed. Try not to make assumptions or hasty judgments.

You may be a little ‘on edge’ or defensive. Don’t dwell on past frustrations and grievances. Try to let go and live life in the now. Lighten up a little and take life as it comes. Go with the flow and release some of that pressure. A vacation or a different kind of break might do you some good, so you can recharge your batteries again.


  1. Tessa

    This seems to fit my life right now. Definitely overwhelmed.

    • Linda Ursin

      Take some time to breathe. Create some empty space for yourself.


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