I meant to post one of my creativity benefits yesterday, but I got an unexpected web design client to take care of. I’m still working on that, so I’m not creating the benefit pic today either. But that wasn’t what the heading was about.

Tonight, I had to accompany my daughter around the 1 km track skiing, and she’s fast! Not like the fastest of the kids, but fast for me. I haven’t skied that fast in oh, something like 15 years. Since it’s a low impact exercise, it doesn’t hurt me, but it hurts. You don’t want to see me walking tonight, and I know it’s going to be worse tomorrow. So I’ll be taking it easy for a couple of days, working on the web design, and making some art.

Friday I’m going away to see a friend, so I’ll be posting on Thursday. I hope to be back to normal, whatever that is, again on Monday.

The picture is from a facebook page called the Chronic Illness Cat.

Chronic Cat


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