Even when you’ve been writing and blogging for as long as I have, sometimes it’s so bloody hard you end up not doing it. Whether it’s working on a book, and e-book, a web page, a report, a script, or a blog post.

Sometimes it’s just damned hard to get it done.

It might be because

  • You don’t know what to write
  • The words don’t flow the way you want them to
  • It feels like too much work
  • You’re worried about how your writing will be received
  • It makes your back hurt
  • It doesn’t feel like a fun thing to do

I want to give you some ideas on how to break through those barriers

Don’t know what to write? Ask someone else for an idea to get you started. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Having people to lean on for ideas is important. If you don’t have any adults nearby, ask a kid. They usually have interesting ideas.

Words aren’t flowing? Speak it out or have someone read it through and give you some pointers. If you don’t have a friend who can do it, maybe you can ask in a group on facebook. If you don’t know of a group, try the Creative Explorers.

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Feels like too much work? Make it easier on yourself. Set aside some time and do a small piece of it. Don’t try to do the whole thing at once.

Worried about negative feedback? Get some feedback from friends you trust, who know you and love you. If the readers don’t like it, they’re not your audience anyway. If someone says something nasty, it’s their problem. It’s not a reflection of you.

Your back/shoulders/neck/head hurts? Do your writing somewhere else where you have a better position when writing. I know pain a bit too well, but I often forget about the ergonomics. So I’m making it a priority to get into a better position before I start writing.

Doesn’t feel fun, or it even feels boring as heck? Make it more fun. Experiment, twist it around, make it into a game.

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What are you writing and what makes it hard for you?

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