I choose to celebrate Winter Nights, or Vetrnætr tonight. For those of you who don’t know what that is,  it’s a heathen celebration to welcome winter. It’s celebrated on the first day of Gormánuður, and is a harvest feast. This blót is for Freyr and celebrates that the harvest is done. When not going by date (which is a lot easier for us modern heathens), this celebration was held when the sun went down in eykt, 60 degrees West of South. In later times, it was still viewed as the first day of winter.

I really wanted to make this a special day, but I have to limit myself to a simple blót this evening. I’m getting a call from The States, which I can’t miss. I’ll be raising my glass to Freyr tonight, in thanks for the harvest, and to ask him again to do what he’s supposed to do. The sky in Trondheim this morning was really beautiful, by the way. Thought you might want to see it.

And here’s a song which might be appropriate since it’s the first day of winter. How are you celebrating the arrival of winter? Leave me a comment below. Have a wonderful celebration!

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