This crazy winter has made me lazy in a way. Well, maybe not exactly lazy but reluctant. It’s taken away most of my spoons, so to speak.

The weather has been a bit unusual and the variations have brought more pain and fatigue. This has led to me not getting much done at all.
We got snow before Yule but on the 25th of December it started to melt away and it stayed warm for about two weeks. Then it got a little colder again and started snowing. Then it turned again and started to melt. Last night, we had a storm come through and today it’s snowing again but it’s above freezing. Totally crazy but not unheard of. We’ve had January’s like this before, although January is usually one of the coldests months of the year.

It’s clear to see which side of the valley gets the most sunlight 😀

A view of the mountains from the school, when the snow hadn’t melted as much

Mostly grey and dreary, I haven’t gotten many good photos either

I haven’t been able to get myself to write blog posts, record videos, and make as much art as I’d like to. So I’ve been binge watching YouTube videos and doing some crafts.

I’ve also done work for clients and that’s pretty much it.

How has the season been treating you? Better than me I hope 🙂

Just to say it so it’s said: I’m not writing about my chronic illness to get sympathy. I’m not one to play the victim. I wanted to update you and say why I’ve been absent and let you know that I will be back.



    My winter has been full of family time so I haven’t been doing much art stuff either. My dad just had his other hip replaced so I’ve been helping them a lot. We are expecting snow finally tonight and this weekend. Hope your aches ease up some, winter is hard on us with chronic pain. ❤😊

    • Linda Ursin

      Thanks Sherry 🙂 Life happens sometimes but we bounce back. It’s still snowing here


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