Curiosity may have been said to kill the cat, but it’s actually great for you to be curious.

First of all, your life is a lot more interesting, exciting and fun when you’re curious. A curious life is never boring. You always have something new to think about, to try, to experiment with, and new things to learn (or to learn more about). This makes you feel more alive and engaged, and any challenges get easier to overcome.

A curious mind expects new ideas and it’s easier to recognize new solutions. Without curiosity, new ideas and solutions could be right in front of your nose and you won’t be able to see them.

You become more open to new worlds and new possibilities hidden under the surface of the hustle and bustle of regular life. It takes a fair amount of curiosity to start digging and looking underneath and behind everyday things to find what you’re looking for.

Being curious activates your mind and makes you keep asking questions and searching for answers and different ways to do things. Your mind gets stronger and healthier with exercise, as the rest of your body. You might even live longer and be healthier if you’re curious according to some scientific reports.

Life is more fun when you're curious

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Curiosity is the driving force behind all learning and invention. All of the great inventors, artists, and geniuses of the world were curious. To name a few: Nicola Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein.

Where would the world be today without the curious people?

If you don’t feel that curious right now, there are ways of triggering and exercising your curiosity. You can start by rewarding yourself for being curious instead of doing the opposite.


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