Over the years, I’ve tried several different print-on-demand (POD) providers to be able to have unlimited prints as an offer for you, and so far, Redbubble is my favourite.

I have a couple of reasons for saying that. But first, let me tell you how a print-on-demand differs from traditional art prints.

Traditional art prints

These come in a couple of varieties, for example:

  • The artist orders and pays for a limited number of prints from a traditional printing shop without knowing if they will sell. Because there’s a promise of a limited number, they have higher value but the artist can never sell any more of them, should they become popular.
  • The buyer orders a print and the artist gets it printed. This can be limited or unlimited.
  • The artist usually decides the format, what surface it’s printed on, not the customer.
  • The quality is usually good and it’s a familiar option for many art buyers.
  • The artist controls the branding and follow-up.



The options in the print-on-demand world are endless:

  • If you want them to be limited, they can be. But most of the time, they’re unlimited
  • The buyer decides what surface it’s printed on and you’re not limited to things you hang on a wall. Everything from postcards to mugs and clothing, as well as different art prints can be made available by the artist.
  • The prints are often cheaper than traditional prints, even at traditional sizes and using traditional printing materials.
  • They’re easier to ship worldwide because the artist isn’t the sender.
  • The buyer can decide the format, size, and what surface it’s printed on.
  • Unfortunately, the quality can be poor in some cases. Either because the image file provided by the artist wasn’t that good, or because the artist chose a printer that didn’t use good materials and techniques.
  • There’s also the problem that your brand doesn’t get across but I believe the plus sides outweigh that part.

Why I love redbubble

As I said at the beginning of this post, I have a couple of reasons for this. Besides being a site that’s easy to use (also for those less technically inclined than me) and having the perks of a print-on-demand provider, I use them for the following reasons:

Archival materials

You may not know what this is about but to put it simply, it makes the prints last a lot longer.

Great options

I can create a number of unique items from one piece of art. A great thing for a multi-passionate 🙂

No limits

The artwork can be made available to anyone who wants to buy it. Even long after the original has found a home.

Pricing structure

It’s easy for me to adjust pricing, and I can buy stuff myself at cost. For example, for the postcard swaps I participate in.

Best of all, I can make prints available for substantially less than an original for those who enjoy my art but can’t buy an original at that point in time.

Want to see for yourself?


  1. Lisa Young

    Thanks for sharing your insight. I’m curious why you chose redbubble over other POD providers.

    • Linda Ursin

      My pleasure 🙂 I chose redbubble over the others I’ve tried for the quality, the options and the pricing structure. I didn’t want to out any provider in the post, so I couldn’t give examples of the “not so good”.


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