Who am I writing this for? Who is my target, my audience? That’s what I’m going to attempt to describe in this post.

Now she’s not the only kind of person I care about, everyone’s just as welcome here; women, men, non-binary, gay, straight, religious, atheist, goth, fashionista or whatever, regardless of age location etc.

But she is the one I try to keep in mind when writing posts and other messages. I write for a woman between 35 and 50, who has kids (whether they’re human, feline or other).

She has a great big smile and doesn’t have a problem with so-called ‘bad’ language (I tend to swear) 🙂

She’s open-minded, tolerant towards other people’s beliefs, gender definition, preferences and culture. <- This one is definitely non-negotiable in my book!

She has interests within and some knowledge about, the esoteric and holistic areas, like Tarot, herbs, paganism, witchcraft, spiritism, the occult etc. She’s probably a fan of folklore and mythology and might also have other paranormal or metaphysical interests.

Almost needless to say, she loves art 🙂

She is most likely not deeply religious. She’s much more likely to be a heathen, pagan, agnostic, atheist or to have a liberal take on whatever faith she has. (These things keep her from freaking out over the fact that I’m a witch, and a heathen to boot.)

She likes to connect with people, has no problems talking about herself, and the same goes for other subjects as well.

This woman is lively. She has a great sense of humour and doesn’t take herself too seriously. This is the kind of woman who could tell a dirty joke without blinking.

She’s also creative. This might mean that she’s an artist, a writer, a crafter or just a creative thinker. Regardless of what kind of creative she is, she wants to create something.

She’s likely to have some kind of chronic illness or other challenge draining her energy (special needs children, a demanding job etc.), which is one way she might come across me.

This woman has some areas in life that she wishes to improve or change completely. She wants to take control of her own destiny and her everyday life, to conquer her challenges and live life on her own terms. To make these improvements or changes, she seeks the support and inspiration of those like her.

Do you know anyone who fits this description?

Maybe you’re one of these women?

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