No matter how much we think we can do it all alone, we all need support. I grew up without friends, was bullied throughout school, and had a critical mother. So I know what lack of support feels like. It’s not somewhere I want to return to. I’m fortunate enough to have several good friends now, who support me and put me straight when needed. I hope you do too.

I know there are a lot of people who don’t have the support of their family, and those who don’t have many friends (if any at all). But if you’re one of those people, I want you to try and find a couple of new acquaintances this week. They might turn out to be very good friends. I’m not saying that you should approach the first person you see on the street. I want you to keep an eye open for people you find interesting, and if the opportunity is there, to strike up a conversation. It might be at work, on the bus, in the grocery store, at daycare, in class or anywhere for that matter.

Making friends requires that you make an effort to get to know people. If you do have friends, but they don’t support you, I want you to think this through; Are they really your friends if they don’t support you? By support, I don’t mean that they should agree with everything you do, or that they should always be sweet. I mean that they should be there when you need someone to lean on or to talk to and tell it to you straight when you need advice. If you want to start a journey towards your ideal life, you’re going to need support. It’s pretty much impossible to get there on your own.

So tell me, who do you lean on?

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