Life’s not that fun when you’re feeling bored but you’re in total control of that feeling. Do something fun to break out of it.

Go hunting for shadow shapes in your home (or wherever you are).

To explain what I mean, here are a couple of examples:

What do you see in those shadows?

I see a frog, a hedgehog and a man shouting.

Can you see the dinosaur trying to eat this bookshelf? I found that shape one night when I was waiting for my daughter to fall asleep and it took longer than usual.

I couldn’t take the photo at night, for obvious reasons (it’s her room and she sleeps there), so the shadow isn’t as clear as it is at night even though I dialed the shutterspeed up.

That will break your boredom even if you’re waiting at the doctor’s office. Don’t you think?

Now go hunt for shadow shapes in your home and tell me what you find

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