I had lots on my plate as this week began on Monday; 3 blog posts, a newsletter, a video, a podcast, publishing my book, working on a new program, planting the herb bed, and more. Then life happened.

  • I lost most of my ‘work’ time on Monday because I had to go to the city to do some banking and collect a package for my husband. (He couldn’t because his work hours aren’t flexible.)
  • I’m losing most of tomorrow to a drive to Sweden to get some groceries we can’t get here. (Decided to go on that day, because it was the only day that worked for everyone involved.)
  • And this morning I got a phone call telling me I have surgery scheduled on Thursday.  So all of that day will be used for that.

So I have to drop the video this week. I’ll do my best to give you a really good one next week. The podcast will stay on the agenda, because I planned it for Friday, as will the newsletter. The second post this week will be on Thursday, and it will be a guest post. The third is my regular feature; Sassy Sayings on Sunday. I’m going to try to get the planting done tomorrow evening, because I have to get it done before the first frost, and it’s been cold the last few nights. I’m putting off publishing my book until next week. Not only because of the surgery but also because I’m waiting to hear from the editors. The program will be coming soon, but it’ll just take a bit longer than I thought.


Yes, I have started a podcast. There’s just one episode so far, an introduction, but you can find it, and more info, at Reclaim Your Spoons.

The Book

The book is finished, except for any edits the editors may have made, but since I haven’t heard from them in a while, I don’t know if they’ve made any. I know one of them has a very valid reason for not getting back to me yet (death in the family). So I’m waiting a bit longer. I’ll make sure to let you know when it’s available. I managed for find a solution to get it as a paperback, so you will be able to buy a physical copy. If you don’t know which book I’m talking about, you can read more about it at my Wonderful Weeds page.

The Surgery

The surgery is a procedure to stabilize my right shoulder, fix an impinged tendon and check for any degeneration of the cartilage. It’s not a big operation, I won’t even be put under, and I’ll be on my way home about three hours after I get there. I had the same surgery on my left shoulder last August, and I hope I won’t have to use a sling day and night for three weeks this time.

Tea Cup

As you may have noticed from the thing popping up on the right, I’ve launched a new service called A Cup of Tea. If it calls to you, book your session now. I’ve only got 6 openings for September.

So now I want to know about you; What’s going on in your life right now? Leave me a comment below.

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