A penny for your thoughts, as they say. I want you to tell me what you’d like to read about here on the blog.

What would you love and come back for again and again?

I’ve written about a lot of different subjects over the years and I now need some feedback to make my blog posts more enjoyable and useful for you.

What would you love to read here?

What would you come back for again and again?

What would you want to share with all of your friends?

Here are some examples of subjects I have written about lately:

  • Art in progress
  • Original art and prints for sale
  • Art sales and other events
  • Photos from the area
  • Creative tips
  • Creative prompts
  • Opinions and causes
  • Inspiration and empowerment
  • Intuition and intuitive work
  • Behind the scenes stuff

If you can’t find one above that fits, feel free to comment with your own. It can be anything. Ideas, suggestions, questions for me, things you need some advice on. Anything at all.

I look forward to hearing what you say in the comments

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