Do you have about a thousand ideas on things that need fixing for you to be happy? Most people have a lot they wish they could fix, or get fixed. Some also think they can be fixed all at once, for example, if they win the lottery everything will be perfect. I used to think that too, but I don’t anymore. The lottery win would only take care of our debts.

The only way to get rid of your problems, it to handle them one at a time. You might be surprised, solving one might take care of a couple of others at the same time.

As for which one you handle first, tarot can help you choose. First, you’ll have to narrow it down to those you are able to do something about right now, say 3-4 for simplicity’s sake. Then you do a spread for a three- or four-way choice. I would also add something for the core of the issue because that might be something you can’t see at the moment. The core might solve them all.

1. This card represents the core of the issuechoices_spread

2. Something you know or can see concerning this situation

3. Something you can’t see, but need to know

4-5-6 Choice one

7-8-9 Choice two

10-11-12 Choice three

4, 7, 10 Something you need to do

5, 8, 11 Something that needs to be done by someone else

6, 9, 12 The expected outcome of this choice

Add or remove forks as needed. You can use this for the not so life changing stuff as well. But I’m not so sure it works for deciding in you should vacuum, work in the garden or wash your car first. I’m pretty sure which one of those I’d chose out of those three 😀

If you don’t want to, or don’t feel you’re able to, do the reading yourself, book one with me.

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