This is a guest post by Sacha Blessed. She approached me about her challenge and gave me a question to write about. Then I gave her one.

For my July birthday bash and I decided to collaborate with Linda Ursin to write two very creative and funny writing prompts.

The writing prompt that Linda gave me was
“If the quotes on my wall could speak what would they say”

So for clarity sake, let’s number the quotes as there are four of them.

Quote 1- I tell Sacha every morning that she is a gift to the world, sometimes I feel that she doubts it.

Quote 2 – I tell her that she is an opportunity magnet and that she is confident and has a purpose in this world.

Quote 1 –Thank you Quote 2, I see how you try to remind her every time she looks in the mirror.

Quote 3 –Hey, I help her as well. I remind her to let go of anger so that she could think clearly, and I know that she is capable of achieving all of her goals.

Quote 2 –Thank you Quote 3. Life is hard. This is why we sometimes we must keep reminding her that she is amazing. We also must work together to help her know that her inner critic sometimes lies, over exaggerates, and contradicts what we tell her about her being awesome.

Quote 1 – That inner critic gets me so mad at times, with all the horrible what ifs.

Quotes 4 – Quote 1 I got you covered. The inner critic is like a young scared child. So I remind Sacha, every time that she has to embrace her fears fully and calmly.

Quote 3- Yes! Quote 4, I see you do a great job reminding her, every time she grabs her journal to write.

Quote 1 – I am glad that we are all on the same page, about reminding her that she is a jewel. Now that she is not here, let’s say our pledge out loud because God knows we need to encourage ourselves as well. On the count of three we’re going to scream out in a pledge. 123, SACHA IS A GIFT TO THE WORLD, SHE ATTRACTS OPPORTUNITIES. WHEN SHE LETS GO OF HER ANGER, SHE CAN THINK CLEARLY AND SHE IS CAPABLE OF ACHIEVING HER GOALS. BUT MOST IMPORTANT IS THAT WHEN SHE EMBRACES HER FEARS FULLY AND CALMLY SHE IS ABLE TO CONQUER ALL.

Quote 3 – Guys great job! But someone is coming shhh….

There you have it, what my wall décor speak about when I’m not home.

Quote 1

Quote 1

Quote 2

Quote 2

Quote 3

Quote 3

Quote 4

Quote 4

Sacha is a creative queen, visual artist, and Inspirational blogger. She helps creative women recognize their self-worth through visual guidance, mixed with a vibrant blend of psychology and motivation. Her work encourages creative women show off to the world their authentic self.

She has been featured on Happiness and Food, Damion Elson, Soulpaintco and Confessions of a Ninja Mom. You can find her at


  1. Sue Kearney (@MagnoliasWest)

    Like “Toy Story” but with quotes. I like this concept, although I confess it took me a couple of read-throughs to get it.


    • Linda Ursin

      Thanks Sue 🙂 I’ll let Sacha know there’s a comment to her post

  2. Joan M Harrington

    Enjoyed these awesome quotes! Thanks for sharing Sacha and Linda 🙂

  3. Linda Ursin

    Thanks for stopping by Joan. I’m glad you liked it. It was a lot of fun for us to do this.

  4. Sandy

    My wall in my daughter room would read, “I wish you could see yourself through my eyes. You would know how special and beautiful you really are.”

    • Linda Ursin

      That would be a great quote to hang there

    • Sacha

      wow, Sandy that was beautiful…I need to add that quote to my wall


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