Do you guys know the hulking difference between asking yourself What Now?!! (ugh) and What’s Next!!! (yay!)?

It’s one of THE most important distinctions I know, and I’d be willing to bet that many of us throw around What Now?!?! more than we realize. Say that big hairy goal you’ve been working on for an age has finally come to fruition and you are left with no immediate next step, or you’re simply moving through your day checking things off your to-done list. Either way, you’re choosing your next action step. One of two reactions follows post-task completion and pre-action assignment.

Either you’ll experience a moment of letdown where you sigh deeply and moan, What Now? Like, oh my god, all of the things are different. What do I do now? I am afraid. Or you treat it as a great adventure, and you exclaim with ardour and excitement, What’s NEXT!? If you move through life asking yourself – What’s the next fun thing? Then do that. What’s the next fun thing? Then do that – you set yourself up to be the lead character in a pick your own adventure book (and you know those are fun as hell). Here’s a wee secret, you’re always picking your own adventure, it’s just sometimes we view that ‘adventure’ like a monotonous curse-laden with unpleasantries (slog, slog, slog), instead of the most vibrant finger-painting you’ve ever created.

Try this.

For one day select your actions by asking yourself, what’s the next fun thing?

Upon finishing one thing say Oooh yeah, that’s done, what’s the next fun thing?

Repeat until unconsciousness.

Some of you might say, yea but if we chose only the fun things then the practical things would never get done. Well darlings, that’s just not the case because when you’re having fun, the practicalities of life don’t seem so insurmountable. Sometimes the next fun thing for me is to scrub my kitchen sink (like I did at 7pm last night). Not because I love to clean (anyone who knows me knows this is NOT the case), but because I know I love a clean kitchen. The difference lies in approaching the task because I’m inspired, not because I feel obligated. When I’m feeling frisky and energized, yea I want to clean that kitchen. The same goes for work.

We all have things we love to do in our businesses and those that we’d rather not manage ever again. Or we tiptoe around big projects because starting them sounds overwhelming. I know. I’ve been there. The solution is simple. You’ve got to find a way to build up your excitement and joy before attacking those monumental tasks. Sometimes that means getting started with the itty-bitty things, or whatever sounds fun and exciting. Organizing your pens? Go for it. Looking through your high five file? Yea! Sending a few emails to people telling them what a great job they’re doing? For sure! Whatever it takes, get yourself happy, excited, and moving. << tweet I promise when you get that kind of momentum going you will be amazed at your incredible (and might I mention enjoyable) productivity and speed of accomplishment. Things flow. They go smoothly, quickly, and easefully. Like wata. Give it a go. 24 hours.

Ask and answer this very question: What’s the next fun thing? Then do it, baby do it. Let us know how it goes.

Ashley Welton

Ashley Welton is the chief creative copywriter and brand anthropologist at Miniskirt Ninja. She works with entrepreneurs to refine their voice and translate their brand through action inducing copy that inspires, converts and ignites a sense of adventure in all who come across it. Get her free eBook “A 17-Step Guide To Writing Copy That Doesn’t Suck (and makes the bucks for your biz, baby)” at

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