I don’t do resolutions because, from my experience, they’re pretty useless. So I haven’t posted any anywhere. I have written down some art goals for the year though, which I want to share with you. Both to let you know what’s going on and to keep myself accountable.
More art – I want to make a lot more art in 2019 than in 2018. 

More acrylic paint – I want to get back to painting in acrylics. I haven’t done much of that lately. 

More drawings – I really need to draw more. Both the things I’ve done lately and more of graphite and more expressive drawings too. 

More birds – It’s been quite a while since I drew a bird just to draw a bird. Time to do something about that. 

More fun & play – I will be experimenting more. Both with techniques and materials. 

More connection – I’m a social animal, I need to connect with people. You, for example. If you feel like having a chat, book a cup of tea and we’ll do that. I’ve been cooped up in this house too much. 

This will hopefully also mean more posts and videos for you.

If you feel the need to remind me to do one of these, please do so 😀

So what do you want more of in 2019?

Except money. Most of us say more money, especially artists 😀

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