Let’s imagine for a moment a little girl being asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Most kids get that question, and most kids have an answer. This little girl doesn’t have an answer, she just says “I don’t know”. No matter how many times they ask this question, or who’s asking, she still says “I don’t know”.

When she’s older and it’s time to choose schools, she still says “I don’t know”. It might be because the things she has to choose from don’t resonate with her, or it might be because the right thing was never suggested.

She ends up going to economic school because her mother said: “They have so many languages and you’re good with languages”. What the mother didn’t say was that most of it are subjects like maths, politics, and things like that. Although this girl is good in school she really doesn’t like those subjects, so she ends up dropping out. When she goes back to school later,  she jumps on a subject that’s available but that one isn’t right either so she drops out again.

After dropping out for the second time, she starts looking for work, but there’s no work to find for someone without an education. She ends up unemployed and fills her days with the things she loves doing; reading drawing, crafting all kinds of creative things.

She’s a lot happier than when she was at school because she’s doing what she loves. Years go by with short jobs that only teach her what she doesn’t want. She knows she has to get an education to make a living so she finally finishes a four-year education in two years with great grades and then goes on to college with a major she knows she’s good at, but it’s not what she loves.

After college, she knows she has to get a job because you need a job in this society to have money for food and rent. So after looking for a while she gets a job but it is not the job she wants. She still doesn’t quite know what she wants to do, even though she is now grown up.

After many years in that soul sucking line of work that doesn’t leave much time or energy for the things she loves, she finds that she is an artist and that’s what she wants to go for. I wonder what would have happened had she known that when she was little, or if someone had suggested it earlier on.

What do you think would have happened?

Did you know what you wanted to be when you were little?

Do you know what you want to be now?

Is about who you are now or are you working towards that?

What do you want to be when you grow up

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