For some reason, spirals have been calling me for a while. A spiral, like those below, is actually what inspired the 100 Sacred Symbols series. You can find spirals everywhere in Nature, in how plants grow and water flows, how storms move and shells grow.

Humans have used spirals in art and as magical symbols since we were scratching them in stone. You can find them in Neolithic cave paintings, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Aboriginal art, and Neo-Pagan symbolism. So I think there is something about them that calls to us.

These images are some examples of all of the spirals in nature. I hope they inspire you too 🙂

Cross section of a tree A whirlpool A snail A Rose Romanesco Broccoli A Caterpillar   Red cabbage cross section An Aloe plant Pine conesInside a Nautilus A galaxy A hurricane

I haven’t added any of the symbols to this website yet. I’ll add them soon when I have gotten closer to the 100-mark. To see the symbols I’ve finished so far, check out this album on my facebook page.


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