Want to know what I did this summer, read on.

I’m back after my July staycation and I must admit it’s been more than a month since I drew or painted anything. I simply haven’t had the energy. There have been too many other things demanding what energy I did have.

One of the reasons being that my husband has a late vacation this year and I’ve been alone at home with our daughter. Another being that the stuff that needed doing had an adverse effect on my pain levels.

I have done other creative things though

(as if I could ever do nothing :D).

In July, I have:

  • built a website for my website services
  • created graphics for that site
  • done a web design for a client
  • put pockets on a skirt and two pairs of pants
  • taken a bunch of photos
  • made cider from scratch
  • made cheese rolls and cinnamon buns
  • built myself a new computer (just have to switch over the disks and install)

Why do so many womens’ clothes not have pockets?

One of my photos from July

Cider in progress

Cinnamon Buns

Beware of the Computer Monster 😀

After you’ve read all of this, check out
the new site

Escaping the heat

In July we’ve also done some typical summer things, like gone bathing and having strawberries and cream.

We had a week of really hot days so the trips to water were amazing.

Really hot in Norway means over 30 degrees Celsius (85.9 F). We do get these temperatures pretty much every summer, so we haven’t had a heatwave in the same way as southern Europe this year.

We went to a local lake first, and the other times we went to some rapids where my husband grew up.

The Mare rapids at Lundamo

If you want to see all of the photos I’m posting, check out my photo instagram and the stories on my art instagram.

Being a good neighbour

One of the things we’re doing right now, that we don’t normally do, is feed pigs. Some of our neightbors are in Denmark on a vacation and we offered to take care of their pigs while they were away. A lovely chore to do 🙂

The pigs we’re caring for. The one with a dark backside is a little less tame than the other.

Every afternoon, we walk over to their house, check the fence, check the water, and bring feed to the pigs. We also make sure to scratch their heads, talk to them and bring some scraps as a treat, if we have some.

What have you done in July?

Have you scratched any pigs?

Done anything fun and/or creative?


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