Last week, I did my first Gift Idea Generation session of the season with a client who wanted ideas for stocking stuffers for her husband for Christmas. She wanted to give him something personal that she could make herself. We talked a bit about what her husband enjoys doing and landed on his music as our focus. He plays guitar, listens to music, and compose his own songs. This was something she knew was dear to him, and she wanted to support that.

Some of the music related gift ideas I came up with were

  • Personalized guitar picks, she could paint them herself.
  • Personalize a capo for his guitar. She could make an embroidered or painted top for it.
  • A personalized tuning tool.

She liked them all, but in the end, we landed on the personalized picks. She likes to paint and has all the supplies she needs to do it. She was very happy with it because she gave me this to show you:

“I would have never come up with that idea by myself. I think that he would really find it special for me to have taken the time to personalize and paint something on his picks. I thought it was terrific.”

Do you struggle with coming up with gift ideas?

Leave me a comment below. If you want some help with ideas, just go to the Gift Idea Generation page.


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