Female entrepreneurs have a unique gift that often gets dampened because the model for business is still masculine. A lot of business advice and business coaching is still based on the masculine way of running a business. There’s nothing wrong with being a man, but some things just don’t work the same way for us women. It doesn’t feel right for most of us to run our business that way, and we end up stuck or dissatisfied.

Your female strengths are what will make your business powerful, but as soon as you step into business, unless you stay attuned, which is tough, it’s very easy to fall into the masculine way of doing things. The masculine model will start to take over and you’ll lose the joy, the passion, and it starts feeling like a regular job because you’re not being you.

If you stay connected to your female strengths, intuition being one of them, it will feel a lot better and it will be a lot easier to be in business.

5 signs that your intuition wants to talk to you:

(If you get any of these signals, pay attention.)

Five ways your intuition speaks

When was the last time you know your intuition was speaking to you, and did you act on it?

One of my hobbies is intuition work, so have a cup of tea with me if you need some help using yours.


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