At 5:26 on Monday morning, the Moon was full. Some call the Full Moon in May the Flower Moon, some call it the Mother Moon. It is now waning, so today I will be planting seeds. It may seem late for some of you to plant seeds indoors in May, but here in the Mountains of Norway, I can’t put anything outside that can’t take frost before Midsummer. So there’s no point in planting in February.

More and more gardeners are turning to the moon for the best time to plant, prune, weed and harvest these days. The practice of moon or lunar gardening is based on the idea that the moon has a gravitational effect on the flow of moisture in soil and plants. There are scientists that have done research on this, and there seems to be some scientific proof that it works.

Gardening by the moon is a lot older than gravitational theory, though, and witches have used it for many years. In short, you plant above ground plants during the waxing, and below ground plants during the waning phases. I’ll be planting some seeds for below ground crops and plants that need strong roots today. Most of them are for Lilith’s little patch, but some are for my herb garden.

As a side note, there’s more info about what you can use lunar phases for on my library pages. In addition to the English version, all the articles there have been translated to Norwegian and Swedish.



  1. Amy Putkonen

    Hi Linda,

    I believe that the Farmer’s Almanac have been saying that for years as well! You might enjoy The Lunar Tao, a book about the different moons and Chinese cultural references to them. Pretty cool stuff!

    • Linda Ursin

      Yes, it has 🙂 Thanks for the book recommendation Amy, I’ll put it on my reading list


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